Custom Glockenspiel Table

Sometimes the stand provided with a glockenspiel doesn't work with your setup.

Finished glockenspiel stand
My finished glockenspiel stand

My 'glock' stand was too tall and made of heavy steel. NO THANKS! That's when I invented the "MATT GLOCK 2000 MKII - Release 5.7.6a"

This stand is constructed from some cheap lightweight dowel and a few pieces of wood about an inch thick.

Bare bones of the stand
My lovely custom stand with a useful mallet holder attached.

The stand had to be easy to set-up and take down, so I opted to drill the centre of the dowel legs and add a hanger bolt to the top. The legs could then be held in place by a single washer and a wingnut on each one.

Wingnuts and washers
Wingnuts and washers. Guaranteed to get a drummer hot under the collar!

That's all I can tell you about this stand really.It's ridiculously simple. Don't worry though this article is not over yet, because I took a fashionable deconstructed picture for all you gear dweebs. :-D

Deconstructed stand
OMG!!! This picture is so hip.