Passing Stranger

Passing stranger album cover

Before I joined my friends Ritzy & Rhydian from The Joy Formidable on a seemingly unending tour of the world, I had the pleasure of working with an acoustic artist named Scott Matthews.

It was mid 2005 when I got the call to play on Scott's album and at the time, I was studying for a degree in popular music performance at The London College of Music and Media.

A few weeks after our initial phone call, Scott was due to perform for the BBC so he tied in a visit to my student house in London and we jammed together for a couple of days, either in the college studios or my rather untidy living room.

After his visit, I sat with the songs for a couple of weeks and worked on various drum parts for the album. It was a struggle not to add too much technical flair, as music university demands you play like you're stuck in a dyscalculic math metal band 24/7. This is generally frowned upon in the singer/songwriter community.

A few weeks later, after getting the math metal versions of Scott's songs I'd created in my head out of my system, I drove up to the Midlands and recorded what would become Passing Stranger.

Within a year Scott was signed to Universal Records and had won an Ivor Novello award for his song Elusive, which originally had a hard driving drum track on it. (Trust me, the version without the drums is waaayyy better.)

If you're interested in hearing the final product, I've attached a little web player at the bottom.